Problem Solved: Environmental Exposures Revealed & Resolved by using the:

Problem Solved: Environmental Exposures Revealed & Resolved by using the:

One-Stop Environmental Resource Tool for:

  Wastewater Contract Consulting & Management,

  Wastewater Cost Analysis – Business Analysis and Reduction Guarantee,

  Wastewater Treatment Improvement – Inspect and Sample,

  Wastewater Recommendations – Direct/Manage/Execute and Communicate,

  Wastewater Permits – Operational Discharge & Facility Design/Operate,

  Wastewater Support Functions – Engineering/Construction/Equipment &


  Training Onsite/Online – Water/Wastewater/OSHA,

  Environmental Regulations – Wastewater/Stormwater/Emissions


Wastewater Training – either Onsite or Online
  Operator License Exam Preparation
  Operator License CEU (Continuing Education Units) – Hours
  Facility Efficiency – Cost and Treatment

Cost Reduction Opportunities to Increase your Bottom Line:

Enhance wastewater treatment and simultaneously reduce
overall operating costs while under a wastewater cost
reduction services agreement with Environmental Services by
Daniel L. Theobald.

Specific types of Cost Reductions are;
Chemical, Discharge, Utilities, Labor/Consultant, Laboratory and Regulator.

If you are serious about REDUCING your WASTEWATER
COSTS & simultaneously IMPROVING your WASTEWATER
TREATMENT you need these services.

Strategies to Conserve On Water:

It`s widely known that the world is in a water crisis
that is now being exacerbated by the warming trends
we all read about. What`s less known is the enormous
amount of water wasted by industrial plants simply
because they have failed to keep up with the solutions
available to them. For example, water used in cooling
systems can be recirculated rather than discharged,
chemicals can be removed from water turning it from
waste to fresh water, and hoses can be adjusted to pour
less water while still achieving their purposes. In the
industrial world, we are talking about hundreds of
thousands of gallons of water often wasted daily in
just one plant alone. In many instances, the public is
ahead of industry in water conservation. Conserving
water can be a step toward significant savings for corporations.


To utilize this tool, please contact Dan Theobald by email or phone.

Thank You.


Dan Theobald


Simpsonville, South Carolina


Daniel L. Theobald of Environmental Services:

Dan Theobald is the proprietor of Environmental Services. As a professional Wastewater and Safety Consultant/Trainer, Dan is known in the industry as “Wastewater Dan.” He has more than 24 years of hands-on experience in the industry operating many variants of wastewater treatment processing units. He is a trainer in Wastewater & Industrial Health & Safety topics and eager to share with others how to conserve water. Dan serves as an active consultant to a variety of industries, achieving and maintaining improved wastewater treatment at less cost. He is a Lifetime Member of the “Who’s Who Registry of Professionals” and holds numerous certifications from several wastewater management regulatory boards and professional organizations. Dan is currently the primary author of one chapter revising the Water Environment Federation’s ( Manual of Practice; a Wastewater Operator Technical Manual resource guide for Biological Nutrient Removal. Dan also authors an industry-related blog (



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