The Environmental Resource Tool Box:

The WastewaterWizard Presents:

 The Environmental Resource Tool Box:

Containing; Tools for Measuring Environmental Compliance!


The Four Tools for Measuring Environmental Compliance are as follows:

1.) Permitting

2.) Operating

3.) Training

4.) Ask; The Wastewater Expert

 The Environmental Permitting Tool executes;

The Evaluation of existing and upcoming Local and Federal Environmental Regulations which pertain to your facilities Water, Wastewater, Storm-water and Emissions is a valuable accessory of this Environmental Permitting Tool.

 Another useful accessory of this Tool also Permits for Constructing, Operating, and appropriate discharging your facilities Water, Wastewater, Storm-water and Emissions.

 This Environmental Operating Tool accomplishes;

Waste Water Contract Consulting and Management to uncover meaningful Cost Reduction opportunities, Wastewater Treatment is Inspect and Sample uncovering profit seeking Recommendations and Directs, Manages, Executes and Communicates quantifiably cost reduction deliverables.

 This tool tracks, measures and documents disclosed Cost Reduction opportunities such as the following:

 Save Thousands of Dollars treating your Wastewater while also improving water/wastewater treatment quality such as $300,000 in chemical usage annually, $175,000 sludge disposal in seven years ($500/week) and $120,000 sewer charge in five years ($2,000/month). Additionally, achieve Wastewater Discharge Permit 100% Compliance for Laboratory Analysis for your facility.

 This tool employs Laboratory results to also uncovers cost inefficiencies, operating procedure deficiencies, unnecessary regulatory expense, and water conservation strategies to execute water, wastewater and storm-water reusing and recycling to achieve zero discharge.

Benefits to Conserve on Water are enhanced because it is widely known that the world is in a water crisis that is now being exacerbated by the warming trends we all read about. What’s less known, is the enormous amount of water wasted by industrial plants simply because they have failed to keep up with solutions available to them. For example water used in cooling systems can be recirculated rather than discharged, chemicals can be removed from water turning it from waster fresh water, and hoses can be adjusted to pour les water while still achieving their purpose. In the industrial world, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of gallons of water often wasted daily in just one plant alone. In many instances, the public is ahead of industry in water conservation. Conserving water can be a step toward significant savings for Corporations.

Use this Environmental Operating tool to benefit you and enhance the environment.

 This Tool efficiently discloses necessary Wastewater Support Functions such as Engineering, Construction, Equipment and Chemicals. This tool component reveals performance quality improvement and simultaneous operation cost savings thru completive comparative analysis of replacement of alternative equipment and chemicals and also the use of appropriate Engineering Services and Construction.


Your Environmental Training Tool delivers;

Certified Training is delivered onsite or online covering Water, Wastewater and OSHA topics.

 The certified Water/Wastewater onsite or online training Tool is am instruction device for individuals interested or  involved in the direction, management, supervision, maintenance or operation of Water treatment or Wastewater treatment processes, process units and related equipment. This tool is used by operators and non-operators to upgrade Operator Licenses and to maintain Operator License renewal requirements. Sight specific training includes procedures, troubleshooting and problem solving your explicit Water or Wastewater Treatment.

 The certified OSHA onsite or online training Tool is an informative coaching device for individuals involved in work regulated under OSHA Standards with topics covered but not limited to Hazard Communication, Respiratory Protection, Control of Hazards Energy, Confined Space, Fall Protection, Understanding MSDS documentation and more.


The home of the Environmental Resource Tool Box, containing Environmental Permitting Tool, Environmental Operating Tool and Environmental Training Tool for measuring Environmental Compliance, is which was created and is operated by Wastewater Dan-866-815-7819.


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